Kim Kardashian ROBBED at GUNPOINT for $3 Million in Paris

Kim Kardashian seen Sunday evening in Paris, France, where she was reportedly robbed in her hotel room.

According to reports, 5 armed men posing as cops held up the reality TV star Kim Kardashian in her Paris hotel room on Monday morning and robbed her for more then $3 Millions in jewelry.

According to sources two of the robbers touched and grabbed her very inappropriately. While resistance she was also spanked multiples times. We’re told she was badly shaken with the event and might not be able to talk to media for days.

Kanye’s onstage announcement came about 10 minutes before his set at The Meadows Festival was scheduled to end and midway through the song “Heartless.”

Witnesses saw an assistant come onto the stage and deliver a message just before he walked off.


“I’m sorry . . . I have to stop the show,” he is heard saying in a video posted to Twitter, as fans gasp and curse.

“This is SO Kanye,” a person in the crowd shouts on the video.

Another fan demands to know, “What happened to Kim?!”

We are also getting reports that she has been raped by one of the robber. Further details of the incident have yet to emerge. 

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