Man Tries To Take Officer’s Gun To ‘Shoot And Kill Donald Trump’


Las Vegas | A young man has been detained and charged with attempting to seize a police officer’s gun in order to shoot and kill Donald Trump, according to authorities.

20 year-old, Michael Steven Sandford was arrested at a rally on Saturday. He allegedly told a US agent that he had driven to Vegas from California in order to kill the Republican presidential candidate.

man tries to shoot trump

According to police report and court papers, he approached police at the event saying he wanted Trump’s autograph. He then “attempted to seize the sidearm of Officer by grabbing the holster and handle of the firearm with both hands.”

When asked why he had tried to grab the weapon from the officer, he replied simply: “To shoot and kill Trump.”

The man did not enter a plea before a judge now faces more than 10 years in prison and a $250,000 (£170,000) fine if convicted.

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