Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victim Claims there is Two More Gunmen


U.S. President Barack Obama has described gun attack on a gay nightclub ‘Pulse’ in Orlando, Florida, as “an act of terror and an act of hate”.

29 year-old, Omar Mateen, killed 50 people and wounded dozen at the Pulse club before being shot dead by police. ISIS has said it was behind the attack, but the extent of its involvement is not clear.


Now we have received new information that two more gunmen were involved in the Orlando Nightclub shooting. Sources are claiming the government doesn’t want to put any panic into the general public until these gunmen are apprehended.

Check out the photo that was taken down on Facebook.


Also a man was arrested with an arsenal of weapons in LA just hours after the Orlando Club massacre. The police say it is non related but he was headed to a LGBT function in Hollywood with weapons.

Does the government have something to hide? Are they telling us everything?

Let us know in the comments, VOICE your opinion?!

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