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Guy Finds “Adolf Hitler’s Secret NUCLEAR BOMBS”

A pensioner has claimed to have found Hitler’s secret stash of nuclear bombs underground. Peter Lohr, who is trained mechanical engineer and whose hobby is using...

14 Year-old Girl Run Over By Car During Schoolyard Brawl

shocking video
Houston, Texas - A shocking video shows the moment a schoolyard brawl escalated completely out of control and a teenage girl was run over...

Mia Khalifa Diagnosed With Hiv Positive Disease

Adult Star Mia Khalifa Diagnosed With Hiv Positive Disease. Currently she is being treated under supervisions of famous doctors.

Groom Drowns Himself After Seeing ‘Ugly’ Arranged Wife The First Time

Groom Drowns Himself After Seeing Ugly Wife
33-year-old Kang Hu reportedly jumped into a nearby river after seeing his 'Ugly' Wife for the first time. The groom, was married to 30-year-old Na...

Bully Picks On A Harmless Kid, But When He Fights Back…OMG

knock out
Nobody likes a bully and when victims of bullying fights back better be prepared as they will definitely kick the sh*t out of you. This...

“Saturn is not a PLANET” Says Leading Astronomer

AUSTRIA - The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is having a special conference, to determine if Saturn, is effectively a planet. Saturn is the sixth planet...