Transgender Man Pregnant by Transgender Woman


A transgender man is pregnant by his transgender female partner.

The transgender couple met on Facebook, Diane Rodriguez is a 33-year-old a transwoman who used to be a man and her partner Fernando Machado, 22, a transman who used to be a woman are going to become the first transgender pair to have a baby.

“Diane and Fernando have undergone surgery during their gender reassignment process,” Dr. Richard said. “so becoming pregnant was impossible, i believe is miracle.”

Upon announcing their decision to become transgender, Fernando and Diane was rejected by their family and loved once, the transgender couple even had a spell being homeless.

Diane said: “This was the wish of both of us and there was nothing biological or legal to stop us, so we decided to do it. We live as man and woman. I’m a transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine man. Its very complex relation for each of us”


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