Woman killed Boyfriend with Single Slap

21-year-old Hooksett woman went directly to jail after she allegedly killed her boyfriend with a single slap during a game of “Monopoly” that was obviously taken a little too seriously.

Woman-killed-Boyfriend with slap During Game of 'Monopoly'

Police say they responded to a report of a domestic disturbance just before midnight. When they arrived, Alyssa Ferraro told them she “open-hand slapped” her boyfriend in the face during an intense game of “Monopoly.”

It’s also unknown what the boyfriend did that warranted an open-hand slap from Ferraro, but we’re guessing it was either saying the bank puts 500 bucks in the pot and you get it when you land on Free Parking, or the fact that he bought St. Charles Avenue despite not owning any other purple properties.

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