Child Dies After White Racist Dad Blocks Black Nurse From His Hospital Room

hospital nurse
A racist father wearing confederate flag blocks qualified black nurse from his room in hospital. The racist dad prevented the most qualified black nurse from attempting to save the life of a white child. As a result, his child later dies.

Black nurse @FierceFemtivist sent alarming series of tweets about purportedly racist parents who allowed their child to die rather than be treated by “n***** nurses.”

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racist father

white family

white racist family

white fatherbad dad

baby died

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The black nurse claims, she “just had an infant die” that she personally “could’ve saved” because the child’s epithet-slinging, Confederate flag-bedecked father physically blocked the nurse from entering the baby’s room despite the fact that the infant was “crashing fast.” I am the most qualified caregiver in the facility.

Even after the baby’s preventable death, the nurse described its parents as unmoved by grief and simply concerned with whether a black staff member might handle the infant’s corpse.
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