Leaked Pictures of Justin Bieber Reveals His Secret Daughter


Justin Bieber took to Instagram to announce he has a secret daughter. The singer shared a photo of himself with the unidentified little girl possibly hinting at the 22-year-old’s interest in becoming a father.

Meanwhile, Bieber has reportedly re-followed his ex-flame Selena Gomez on Instagram. The duo dated from 2010 to 2014 before ending their relationship.

“Following her on Instagram again is his way of letting her know that he’s thinking about her, She’s definitely been on his mind a lot,” the source said.

As expected, Bieber’s rabid fan base freaked out in peak fashion. With many expressing their hurt for the fact that Bieber would hide should a HUGE SECRET from us. Many wondered who the mother is, could it be Kourtney? Selena? Hailey? A random Belieber?

Justin has always said he hopes to be a cool young dad the way his pops Jeremy, 41, was to him. Jeremy and Justin’s mom Pattie Malette, 40, were in their teens when they had the Biebs. So it wouldn’t come as a total surprise if he welcomed early fatherhood. He is a ladies man so ya never know, somewhere out there he could have produced a little Justin.


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