Singer Prince Left A Suicide Note Before His Death

Prince Death Note

Singer Prince died over two months ago, and his death is still sending shock-waves around the world. It was confirmed that he passed due to overdose. He was 52 when he passed away. It has now been revealed that before his death that he left a Suicide Note according to sources close to the late musician.

A source close to the late musician has now claimed that the musician’s death was a suicide, and has evidence in the form of a suicide note. Prince was suffering from a chronic hip injury at the time. The note was also originally hidden from police when they searched Paisley Park in the wake of Prince’s death.

The Suicide Note:

Prince’s alleged suicide note states “need something to make the pain stop, even if it means ending everything somehow. It’s time to go, I didn’t mean to leave so soon… I didn’t mean to leave now. Love, Love, Love.” and was found scrawled in large letters in one of Prince’s notebooks.

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