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Lockdowns across USA after ISIS School Threats

Many schools across America will be closed this Wednesday through Friday due to threats by ISIS. We have been witnessing all across the country a...

Gorgeous Woman Stops Brawl Between Two Men Using Her Thighs

fight at club
Sometimes you don’t need muscular men to stop brawl fight, just one women who knows the perfect way to avoid trouble. Such is this...

China is Exporting Human Meat to African Supermarkets

China have been processing human meat. The grisly images of human meat being processed, went viral on social media.

Study Says “Smart People Stay Up Later and Do drugs”

Shocking series of studies have come out showing that intelligent people stay up later and do more drugs. The people in our society who...

Mom Shot Dead After She Laughed at the Suspect

mom shot dead
CALIFORNIA - A mother was shot to death in front of her 12-year-old son after she laughed at the suspect in question. According to the...

McDonald’s Serving “McGangBang” Secret Menu Sandwich

McDonald’s has confirmed that the long rumored ‘Secret Menu’ does exist. You can order from the secret menu just like any other sandwiches. McDonald's is...