Woman Mistaken As Clown Shot And Killed At Walmart Parking Lot


A 34 year-old woman identified as Kelly Perez was shot dead early Tuesday in the parking lot of a Walmart in Oklahoma City, according to police. She was shot by frightened David Brownie who felt Patricia Perez was a mischievous clown breaking into cars.

Police say the victim was walking to her car after grocery shopping at her local Walmart when she was shot.

David Brownie pulled out a handgun, shot the victim whom he believed was breaking into cars, police said. After the media frenzy over crazy clowns in his city David seemed very paranoid and family member of Mr. Brownie say he has always had a fear for clowns.

Kelly Perez was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation is still ongoing. Check back for more updates on this story and more.

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